Coming from a telecommunications company I have to give my 2 cents worth on the current campaigns happening in this space.

You cant miss the teaser campaign that is currently running with the black and white ads and billboards with the signature pink dot…not saying much…just Heita! It was announced on a few websites such as TechCentral that the Heita campaign is Telkom Mobile. 

The Twitter sphere has also been a buzz with talk about what is Heita all about. Check out the website that has been registered by the attorneys Adams & Adams which provides some more clues on what the campaign. You can provide your email address to receive information about the launch.

Below is a screenshot of the teaser campaign website.  This was quite a good move as the teaser campaign would generate a lot of questions and they would drive online prospects here.
Heita website

Heita website

It will be interesting competition, if any, we’ll have to see 🙂 for the 4 mobile operators. If Telkom’s internet speed is anything to go by, then we might not have to be that worried… but let’s wait and see their offering. last week Thursday all was revealed at an event at Lanseria airport about SA’s 4th mobile operator, that is set to shake up the telecoms industry. Only prepaid offerings have been lauched for now, postpaid offerings are said to launch in November. Consumers will be able to buy 8ta SIMs from Monday. Karel Pienaar, MD of MTN SA, said he gives Telkom “two thumbs up” for its new mobile offering. “It will only be good for the consumer and keep us on our toes.”  TechCentral. Read more at:

Check out their website after the launch


Telkom Mobile's Logo

On to the next one…..

Cell C re-branding and Tell Trevor campaign.
Some interesting things that have happened in the Cell C space over the last few months:
  • Cell C launches their re-branding campaign by ‘replying’ in the Sunday Times with a full page ad to a ‘planted’ video on Youtube where Trevor Noah bad mouths MTN, Vodacom and Cell C. Soon after we see new stores, TV commercials, new website and the Tell Trevor campaign ( where customers can send their complaints and Trevor, Cell C’s CEO (Customer Experience Officer) and he will make sure that Cell C changes for the better. With this camapign comes the 4Gs proposition, which only on Cell C’s website it shows what 4Gs stands for…’4 Great Service’ . This is misleading for customers as people will think that it is an actual 4G technology.
  • ASA rules that Cell C’s 4Gs campaign is ‘dishonest’ and ‘misleading’ and must be withdrawn with ‘immediate effect’. The 4Gs actuaaly stands for ‘For great speed’ and ‘for great service’. This is misleading consumers to think that Cell C has a fast 4G network.
Cell C's value proposition

Cell C's value proposition

  • Cell C has told MTN and Vodacom via Facebook to “Stop Bullying us” and that it intends to logde an appeal on the ASA ruling over its 4Gs marketing campaign, as it amounts to “corporate bullying”. What a load of nonsense, as the consumer needs to be made aware of Cell C’s misleading advertising .

read more at:

Do you think that Cell C has changed their perception in the market to a positive or negative one? let’s see if Cell C can deliver on the high expectations that they have set….

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